About Hitched Happily

Hi, I’m Allison, and I’m on a mission to demystify and simplify the wedding planning process.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to plan a wedding using efficient tools and time-saving systems so you can spend more time actually enjoying your engagement and less time figuring out how to plan a wedding from scratch, you have come to the right place.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, daunting, and anxiety-inducing, but it doesn’t have to be. Wedding planning CAN be about celebrating the happiness with your partner, friends, and family, and less about living up to societal pressures and trying to meet the unrealistic expectations set by the wedding industry.

What You’ll Find Here

I’m chronicling the wedding planning process and creating step-by-step guides and systems to help other newly engaged people navigate the confusing and emotional world of wedding planning.

I’ll show you proven ways to avoid being overwhelmed by what wedding industry professionals — or overbearing family members — insist that you need for your wedding. I’ll provide guidance for you and your partner to determine your own personal goals for your wedding, show you how to quickly and confidently find wedding vendors you can trust, and help you manage expectations of yourself and others.

I’ll be focusing on sharing tips for stress-free wedding planning, efficient planning methods that will free up time so can still carry on with your life, and offer advice and how-tos on some of wedding planning’s biggest questions and quandaries.

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More About Me

I spent several years as a marketer in an industry fueled by weddings.

There is nothing quite like working in an industry that is committed to helping customers celebrate momentous occasions, and I was inspired by the hundreds of happy couples I met along the way. However, my experience with wedding industry professionals behind the scenes shed serious light on the shady business practices of some companies who will go to extreme lengths to convince you that you can’t live without their product on Your Special Day.

I’ve been drawn to the science of happiness for several years.

Happiness is a subject that I find fascinating. One of the recurring findings in the study of happiness is that experiences matter more than things when it comes to what makes people happy. This is so important to remember during the wedding planning process. Your friends and family won’t notice the centerpieces, but they will have lively conversations with the people at their table. They won’t care if you have a signature cocktail, but they’ll cheerfully toast to a touching tribute from the best man or maid of honor. They won’t think twice about the song you choose for your first dance, but they’ll notice how happy you look on the dance floor with your new wife or husband.

I also recently went through the entire wedding planning process myself, so I know what it’s like to be faced with the seemingly insurmountable task of planning a wedding.

How do people do all the research, make all of the right decisions, avoid offending anyone in their family or group of friends, keep stress at bay, and maintain already busy lives, work schedules, and happy relationships?

I’ve figured out a lot of these answers, and I want to share them with you.

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